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Music: Its powerful stuff !!

   "We are lucky to have the wonderful SMALL CRUSH in studio for episode 6 of MIPS. We captured the band playing live for the first time since covid and wowza do they sound good! Mike Park unveils his secret connection to a band member as well as asking all the toughest questions. Don't miss this one!"- Asian Man Records

Srunchie zine Interview


"We got on Zoom with Logan from Small Crush to discuss our favorite cold-weather beverages, embroidery, and our love of Percy Jackson and other fantasy worlds."

"All I Need" write up by Stereogum


Small Crush are a band out of Oakland, and they’ve been putting out stray tracks and demos since 2017, mostly lovesick indie-pop songs that make your heart swell and your teeth ache. Their band name is an accurate depiction of their music, which chronicles low stakes that they make feel immense, songs that are filled with the indecisiveness and wonder of being love and hopelessly in love.

The album’s lead single, “All I Need,” is breezy and assured. Bandleader Logan Hammon’s voice has a way of compressing, folding itself into the nooks and crannies of the songs she constructs with the rest of the group. “So won’t you sing me a song?/ All night long about love,” she sings on its lilting chorus, desperate to stoke the fires of a connection. “Won’t you sing it to me? Show me what it feels to have enough.”

Berkeley B side Interview

"Small Crush formed when lead-singer, songwriter, and bassist Logan Hammon felt that her band wasn’t giving her enough freedom to write her own songs. She stole the lead-guitarist Jackson Felton (Brocky), knocked on the drummer Will Scherer's (Tombstone) door down the street and started a new project out of their garage. The trio, what was to become Small Crush, started making music inspired from Hammon’s voice memos (shared over group text) and titled from a self-professed “inability to crush on someone for a long time, so lots of little crushes.” Not long after the band’s genesis, Hammon and Felton recruited rhythm guitarist Thomas DeBourbon (Tommy on the beat) and started playing house shows, coffee shops, and small venues. The group is multitalented, often switching instruments at practice, and the effect of Hammon’s virtuosic lyrical introversion over playful riffs evokes Frankie Cosmos and Waxahatchee. The music seems to be derived from many small crushes, evoking a sincere and intense conviction too often lost in adulthood." Berkeley B side Magazine

Melted Magazine

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